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The Story Behind

The team behind Artchers unite the passion for what we do and our love for gaming. Our designs & products is made by people who love video-games, for the rest to enjoy. Whenever it’s online on; Twitch, Youtube, social-media or websites.
Here at Artchers we believe coming together enjoying video-games, at events is a major part in the gaming community.

We brought Artchers to life in early 2017 after some years of thinking & finishing our current studies.
In a time span of a couple of weeks, we decided that we’re going through with this, it have to be now. Mainly because we weren’t occupied by anything else, and we wanted to do this for a long time.


Not ‘just’ a design bureau

Our mission is to take our clients to the next level. Enabling them to not just show who they are on their stream and website, but taking their brand with them when they attend LANs and other E-sport oriented events.
We think that there’s more to more to gain and archive in the E-sport community, which is rapidly expanding across the globe right now. In fact more than ever.


Event Material

Artchers is partnered with COMPANYNAME, which makes high-end clothing, specializing in E-sport appeal. This ensures a efficient workflow between design and production.
This means that we’re able to design for the exact fit of the cloth and accessories, resulting in a kick-ass design with the highest quality fabric.

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the team

Artchers is a design bureau, focusing the eSport community.
Photo of Kent Jensen

Kent Ove Jensen

Co-Founder & Digital Designer

Due to my educations as a Multimedia Designer & Digital Concept Developer I’m a perfectionist. Creating something unique, and execute it well with the client, is something that’s very important for me.

I’d rather decline a task, than execute it bad!

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Thomas Burholt

Sound Developer & Music Composer

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Photo of Jakob Bilstrup

Jakob Bilstrup

Co-Founder & Digital Designer

Passion for being creative and finding the lean way, is something that always intrigued me. With a background as 3D Artist, Front-end Developer and Digital Designer, I’ve gained competences to how execute and have a efficient workflow, through out the different development phases.

I appreciate great design!

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